Compact Thermoforming Machine (Vacuum Forming)
FAS - 6010 / 7012 / 7014 / 8012
Vacuum Forming Machine (Reciprocating Type) Vacuum Forming Production Line


Plastic containers such as food box,blister,trays or industry containers like anti-static trays.  


0.15mm to 2.0mm

Material suitable


 High Mix /Low Volume Production

FAS series is with fixed cooling mold system, the cost of molds it adopts is much cheaper and  capable for quick mold changing.

It is very suitable for high mix and low volume production.

Compact but Powerful

Reciprocating heater design is to save 30% floor area of equipment comparing with continuous type. It is the most suitable solution for factory with limited area.

Patented-Enclosed Structure

CHIIKAE self-developed patented technology- Enclosed Structure is designed to prevent the plastic sheet sagging problem always during heating process. With our patent-enclosed structure, before forming process,users can freely control the heated plastic sheet to be" flat,inflated or sag" depend on how to suit mold types as positive or negative.

Superior PP Forming Ability

There are not only PET,PC,PVC,PS,OPS,PLA materials acceptable. With its superior enclosed structure plus constant temperature controlling, now you can go big with deep PP containers. With its ability to solve PP sagging problem, FAS series now already becomes the most popular PP solution in Taiwanese vacuum forming markets.

Accurate Stable Upper Mold 

CHIIKAE self-developed technology- Dual Upper Mold Cylinders is to enhance the stability of upper mold. Comparing with other similar machine but only installed 1 cylinder, this new 2015 type can help to  get better upper mold push force and stability.

Rapid and Convenient Mold Changing

In order to provide users the best convenience, how to change mold and finish the adjustment in a  shortest period is what we pursue. We've built the premium design of motors installed for electrically adjusting the dimension of forming area through simply one touch on touchscreen. How amazing  the total time cost of mold changing would be reduced to be within 10 to 15 minutes.

10.4inch Touch Screen &PLC

Simpler and smarter experience is what we  provide to users. Through PLC and 10.4" touchscreen, whole functions are controlled by your finger. Besides, additional 30 sets memories also enhance the convenience between different molds production. 


Model Forming Area Film Width Forming Depth Vacuum Pump Air Compressor Electric Heater
FAS-6012 570 x 1200mm 500~600mm 150mm 4HP 7 1/2HP 30kw
FAS-7012 670 x 1200mm 500~700mm 150mm 4HP 7 1/2HP 34kw
FAS-7014 670 x 1400mm 500~700mm 150mm 4HP 7 1/2HP 38kw
FAS-8012 770 x 1200mm 500~800mm 150mm 4HP 7 1/2HP 42kw
FAS-8014 770 x 1400mm 500~800mm 140mm 4HP 7 1/2HP 45kw
FAS-8016 770 x 1600mm 500~800mm 140mm 5HP 7 1/2HP 49kw